Rainbow In America: Gay Marriage Legal Across USA

We all know that history was made on July 26, 2015. Gay marriage is now legal across the entirety of United States. Congrats, America! Then rainbow in America starts to appear here and there. Until now I write this post, I see news and photos features in many media and tweets are still flooding using hashtag #lovewins, #proudtolove, #pride2015.

And it feels so great to see the rainbow colors America, not only in cyber but also in reality. Even White House celebrates the parade!

white house rainbow in america

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Rainbow in America, But Not Only That!

In cyber space for example Twitland, you can see many profile add tweet ribbon to their avatars. So many account like Youtube, Mashable, Hillary Clinton, White House – so many to mentioned – change their avatars. Rainbow pours not only in America but also in cyber space!

Android celebrate with the parade. You can visit here and you can participate. Create your android profile with rainbow attributes. It is fun!

Youtube show its love with so many videos featuring gay love proposal. I shed tears when I watch the videos.

When I search keywords “marriage equality”, Google show its love by displaying rainbow banner.

google banner rainbow

It’s so lovely, isn’t it?

I know many of people disagree with this. “God create Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!” they said. They claim gay marriage is banned in Bible and in every religion. Well, I believe God is greater than religion. And I believe God is love. That’s it. Love.

Love without any attachment to it. Love is love.

Quoting a joke: if you hate gay people, hate the hetero people first. Why? Because hetero people keep married and born gay babies. LOL.

Dare to dream. Back then, those who dream that someday rainbow in America will become real, now can smile and be proud.

How’s Indonesia, then?

Well, don’t talk about marriage equality here. Even if your religion is different with your partner, you cannot married legally. One must convert. Pity, isn’t it? Once that kind of issue is settled, then we can talk about gay marriage here. Thought perhaps in hundred years from now. LOL.

So I don’t want my time to waste. Personally, I haven’t thought about marriage yet. Living together with my partner is more than enough for us. We’re happy with that. But we’re happy with our American fellows too who can make their dream comes true.

Dare to dream. Make it happen. Proud to love, proud of you, America! May rainbow in America inspires all people in the world to be proud of love and love is love.

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