Go To New York: It’s All Started Here….

Long story short. I had dinner with my girlfriend at Nuri’s Warung Ubud. As usual, the warung was full and lucky we can shared table with two foreigner(s). Apparently they’re waiting for their wives and after the wives came, we pass few words or two with them.

Then we started our conversation when one of them was so surprised knowing us as L couple. “I’ve never met Indonesian lesbian couple. You people tends to hide when you’re in same sex relationship, no?” Then I explain that luckily we live in Bali where people don’t mind and don’t judge others.

In the end of our dinner, she handed a name card and told me just in case we would love to visit New York, let her know. I thank her and we said goodbye to each other.

Strolling back to our hotel (it’s just a minute walk), I said to my partner,” Well maybe it’ll be great to go to New York! Can’t you imagine?”

Go to New York, baby!

Honestly, before I met the woman I never had a dream to go to New York – or any other places. I’m happy traveling surround South East Asia where you don’t need visa and only need small budget. But, New York? Simply said, I’m not that rich. Well, but why not?

Let’s make it happen.

In two years starting from now, I’ll go to New York with my partner (we live together now). What are we going to do there? I don’t know. I just feel it will be great to have a dream and live it up.

Then I thought it will be good to record everything here. Starting from what budget we have to prepare, what amount we already have in our saving, and everything else.

I also thought to offer my services here just in case you need freelancer to do anything I’m capable of. The fee will be added to our saving.

Go to New York.

Dare to dream. Make it happen.